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About the Author

Charlotte R Faulconbridge is a prize-winning poet, published author, musician, and TEDx performer.  She's also an Ambassador for CW MIND. 

Charlotte is autistic, and suffers from anxiety, OCD, Dyspraxia, Sensory Processing Disorder, Myalgic Encphalomyelitis (ME), and a worsening cat addiction...

"Born into a family where the only requirement was to be happy, why was it that as soon as I stepped outside, the rest of the world didn't seem to want the same? It soon became clear that I was trying to survive in a society that just wasn't built for me.  At the age of 15, I was regularly being excluded from school - no, not for bad behaviour but due to my disability."

After being diagnosed with a debilitating chronic illness in her early teens, Charlotte found peace within writing; processing her trauma and discovering strength and power in her pain has become the lifeblood of her work. 

"In 2021, I decided to write Too High to Function - the book I wish I'd read when I was 14. Through this freeing and at times painful process myself, I've seen that vulnerability is my superpower. It has allowed me to break down the walls in my own life, and release others from the same imprisonment.

It is my weapon of self-construction, and I hope it becomes yours too."

Charlotte has already made an impression on the poetry scene with her quirky and often heartbreakingly raw performances.  She advocates for inclusion within he poetry community, often performing her poems in BSL and SSE.

You can find her latest publications in Steel Jackdaw, Spillwords and Vocal Media

Charlotte has recently headlined for Prickly Pears, Oooh Beehive, Crafty Crows, and has performed at TEDx Warwick.

For Autism Acceptance week, her Interviews include: BBC Upload and BBC Coventry and Warwickshire.

Kenilworth's bestselling author and poet
Charlotte Faulconbridge standing in front of a BBC Radio sign
Advert for BBC Upload with Charlotte Faulconbridge

About Inclusive Creatives


Inclusive Creatives was founded in 2023 by Charlotte Faulconbridge. Having experienced the lack of opportunities for people in the disabled community to express themselves, she decided to create an online space aimed at shining a spotlight on the unacknowledged talent in this community, enabling their voices to be heard.

She firmly believes that people with disabilities have qualities that make them much more reliable employees. In her personal experience, the mindset of those with disabilities are proportionally more determined than those without. Her autism has also gifted her traits such as perfectionism, having impeccable attention to detail, and the motivation to drive her to succeed at all costs against adversity.

"Music is my therapy. I love taking the sirens of my pain and giving them a new voice. A voice that's softer, more forgiving; one the has the same quality to silence me, but in a beautiful, not ugly way."

- Too High to Function by Charlotte R Faulconbridge

She also realised that having access to inclusive provision to teach, develop, and inspire young people is difficult to find. Having struggled through the mainstream education system, school annihilated any confidence and passion she had for creativity as they were resisting to accommodate her needs. This negative experience led Charlotte to give up her love of music and writing, until she discovered alternative education that offered specialised SEND support.

She wishes to share these services with others, to inspire them to grow and reach their full potential, as without them she would not be where she is today.

Forthcoming Events

7th July:      Washington X Bridge, Godiva Festival, BBC Stage, Coventry

7th August: Headline Act, Speak Your Mind, The Old Needleworks, Redditch

20th Nov:    Headline Act, Fen Speaks, online event

More events to be confirmed - watch this space!

The Author
Inclusive Creatives
Forthcoming Events
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