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Meow you doin'?

Did you know, it has been estimated that cats drive 15% of all internet traffic? And that there are expected to be over 6.5 billion pictures of our furry friends online? No wonder they are steadily succeeding in their plan to rule the world!

It has been scientifically proven that the reason why photos of our cuddly companions (not just cats!) are so popular is because they improve our mental wellbeing.

In times of dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety, I always turn to my fur babies. They are always there when I need to put the world to rights. So in gratitude, I wanted to create a space dedicated to their wonderful work as the chosen therapists of millennials.

Meet My Fur Family

Bailey is a grey Ragdoll/Persian cross (otherwise known as a Ragamuffin) and is a creature of a sensitive nature. 

If he was human, he'd definitely be a model. He is beautiful, and he sure knows it. He regularly uses his handsome looks and ocean eyes to get what he wants, as he doesn't like getting his paws dirty.

His motto in life: If you've got it, flaunt it!

Bailey is aware that he isn't the most masculine of cats, which is why he can sometimes fall prey to the pressure of societal expectations... In order to prove his masculinity, he decided one day to hunt for a mouse. He looked so proud, as he gallantly lay next to his victim. It was just such a shame that we'd spotted it two hours before he did, so we knew it was already dead, and had been for some time...

Despite his delicate character, he is also my therapy cat, and since Day One, he has always known his purpose in life. Bailey came into my life the year I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). Due to the severity of my illness, I had to be home educated. Since my human friends would be at school, my mum thought it best to find me a companion. 

Grey and white seated ragdoll cat
Girl sleeping on her side with white kitten snuggled into her face
White ragdoll cat with grey face lying on piano keyboard
Grey and white ragamuffin being cuddled by smiling girl

From the time I spent bedridden, throughout taking my exams at home, right up to now, he has never once left my side when I've needed him. I couldn't even have a shower in peace – he had to be looking out for me, just in case. He even comes with me to all my medical appointments! He truly was sent to me by a higher power in my time of need. I don't know how to begin describing how grateful I am for him.

Then, there is Tiger-Lily. She is a tortoiseshell Ragdoll, and is your modern, independant, power-suit-strutting woman, who always knows what she wants – and how to get it! Despite her boardroom sassiness, she is a cat who has it all, recently giving birth to two baby boys: Apollo and Sputnik. 

Tiger-Lily is a force to be reckoned with, proudly paving the way for other strong, feminine felines, showing that they can still be caring mothers whilst maintaining their hunting prowess.

Adult Ragdoll cat with two babies by her feet
Two white kittens lying on top of a cat tree

And finally, our new arrivals, Apollo and Sputnik - the class clowns!  These mischievous twins are inseparable.


But beware: do not be fooled by their innocent faces.


These are bad boys in the making!

They know they can get away with anything, as they're so utterly adorable. Both named after space missions, these little explorers yearn for adventure, and I have every faith that one day they will reach new heights.

Tortoiseshell cat curled up asleep

Send us pictures of your furry friends!

Each month, we'll choose a picture of one of your fur babies to add to our gallery. (All animals welcome!)

Just email us with a picture, funny story, or just why they're special to you, and we'll feature them here. 

Don't forget to tell us their names!

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