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"This book will captivate every reader, and is a must read for neurodivergent people, parents, carers, and professionals. Charlotte retells key parts of her life in such a candid, heart-warming, and moving way, that it will have you laughing one moment and crying the next. This book provides such a marvellous insight and leaves you truly in awe of Charlotte and all autistic people. " KYLIE HOLDBACK Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist
" Too High to Function is a very moving account of how a teenage girl slowly learnt to cope with extreme autism and other neurodivergent conditions.  She persuasively presents with frequent humour a series of anecdotes from the various problems she faced and overcame.  To the point that Charlotte now seems not only able to face the neurotypical world on her terms but also to provide other Auties with advice.  The book will provide understanding and solace to other autistic young people and their families. " MIKE CURLEY - West Midlands
"WOW! This is such a great read! I’ve had to force myself to put it down for fear of not making it to uni tomorrow. The chapter names are hilarious and the playlist are much appreciated, not to mention that the author has a way with words. There’s no other word for it, mesmerising ❤️ " VISVA MOORTHY - London
" The best book I've read, so beautiful.Charlottes book is just beautiful.  I finished it last night, and honestly you’ve changed my outlook on the world. Obviously I was aware of autism but you’ve broadened my mind about it, it’s so interesting to learn about and how your mind works. I laughed, cried and had every feeling whilst reading your book. Your explanation on how your mind works is amazing and I can imagine it’s helped a lot of neurodivergent people and neurotypical people too. I had self diagnosed myself with adhd 🤣 I really hope you go far in life and your book is recognised because so many more people need to have the pleasure of reading it ❤️ I’m not usually a person so read a full book because if I find it boring I can’t concentrate, but again, yours was beautifully written and I more than likely will read it again. Congratulations on all you’ve done/doing for everyone who has autism and other ailments 🩵 I really hope you find the time (and words) to write a new book 🩵 " REBECCA JOHNSON-RICHARDS - Newcastle upon Tyne
"Charlotte’s writing beautifully conveys the arduous, yet hopeful reality of living as a neurodivergent individual in a world predominantly designed for non-autistic people. As a professional working within the mental health sector, I truly believe that Charlotte’s words will metaphorically embrace these lost individuals, offering guidance and reassurance in times of deep uncertainty. Thank you, Charlotte, for empowering our community with your eloquent words of wisdom. " EMILY HUSTWICK Autism and Mental Health Consultant
"I'm part way through reading and loving it! Brilliantly written, insightful, humorous amd beautifully put together. Thank you for sharing." D QUINN - Coventry
" I think this should be required reading for anyone engaged in the education of children and adults. The efforts required by Charlotte not only to start writing but to complete it must have been mammoth.  Not a book I would usually read but I took it up on the recommendation of friend; she was right I have learned a lot.  A good read. " JANE EVANS - Warwickshire
" Wow, what can’t I say about this book? This is a book I wish that I had when I was a teenager, the identification and moments of peace I found whilst reading this were really profound. There are many large issues that affect people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences that Charlotte fearlessly describes and explores int his book and I find her bravery truly remarkable.  I wasn’t expecting to find new insights into my own personal past by simply reading a book but that’s exactly what happened, I’ve seen that there’s certain aspects of my own previous and current life that I can begin to understand more and better accept because I’ve read my own feelings put into words in a very elegant and graceful way which allowed me to find empathy for myself after being drawn into Charlotte’s story! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the authors career and I’ll be at the front of the queue for her next piece of work! I’ve not read a book for almost 15 years but I thoroughly enjoyed this one, so much so that it’s going to be my gift of choice for many like minded friends this Christmas! " LEVI WASHINGTON -  Warwickshire
"I love this book! I had no idea that this is what goes on behind the mask. Brilliantly written with a sense of humour and integrity. I couldn't put it down" 😀 E BRAYSON - Warwickshire
"Charlotte is my favourite emerging voice on the poetry scene. " KATE JENKINSON Executive Coach and Business Poet
"Absolutely incredible! I have read your book twice now and just have to say how much I learnt from the first read and again much more from the second! So well written, you explain everything so well! It's also very funny nd easy to understand! There are many people with preconceived ideas (maybe me inclined) of people with Autism. THANK YOU for helping me understand. You're a star and flying high into that blue sky!" CAROL LEWIS - Warwickshire
"I love the book, it's really helping me" ELEN DOWNWARD
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